Trojan Mining Powers Bitcoin Revolution in Nigeria

    Trojan Mining, a Nigerian startup, is spearheading a hydro-powered bitcoin mining initiative with its 500 KW facility. Despite regulatory challenges, the company aims to be Nigeria’s premier bitcoin mining farm, addressing power scarcity in remote areas.

    Trojan Mining, a pioneering Nigerian startup, is making waves with its hydro-powered bitcoin mining venture. Recently revealed in a Forbes report by Abubakar Nur Khalil, the company unveiled its locally-built 500 KW mining container over the weekend. This container, tailored for 150 ASIC bitcoin mining units, signals the startup’s ambition to dominate the Nigerian bitcoin mining landscape.

    Yassar Siyanbola, CEO of Trojan Mining, outlined the grand vision, expressing the company’s aspiration to be the forefront bitcoin mining farm in Nigeria. Despite regulatory uncertainties, the momentum for bitcoin mining is growing in Africa, particularly in areas with limited power access. African crypto miners, including Trojan Mining, are embracing this technology to provide affordable and reliable electricity in remote regions.

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