Bitcoin Difficulty Surges to Record 64.68 Trillion, Marking 5th Consecutive Increase

    Bitcoin’s difficulty soars to an all-time high of 64.68 trillion, witnessing a 3.55% surge in the latest adjustment at block height 816,480. This marks the fifth consecutive rise since September 19, reflecting the intense competition and computational power required for mining.

     Bitcoin’s difficulty metric reached an unprecedented 64.68 trillion on November 12, 2023, following a 3.55% increase, marking the fifth straight rise since September. This surge signifies the formidable challenge miners face, requiring substantial computational work to earn block rewards.

    The current hashrate averages 461 EH/s, with Antpool and Foundry USA leading at 25.8% and 25.37%, respectively.

    As the network approaches the anticipated next halving epoch in April 2024, approximately 23,500 blocks remain.

    Bitcoin mining profitability has risen, driven by increased Bitcoin value and transaction fees peaking at $15 on November 9, 2023.

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