Cyberattack on Thunder Terminal: FBI Investigates $240,000 Loss

    Thunder Terminal faces a major security breach during the holiday season, losing $240,000. The FBI is now involved as the platform vows to refund affected users and enhance security measures.

    Thunder Terminal, a prominent on-chain trading platform, experienced a significant security breach, resulting in losses of $240,000. The exploit, detected at 12:11 AM UTC on December 27, targeted user wallets, with 86.5 Ether and 439 Solana compromised in just nine minutes. The hacker leveraged a MongoDB connection URL to extract session tokens and execute unauthorized withdrawals.

    The platform, quick to respond, revoked all session token access and transaction signing, mitigating the attack. Thunder Terminal asserts that no private keys or user wallets were compromised, with only 1% of wallets affected. Losses amounted to 86.56 ETH and 439.12 SOL, triggering a comprehensive technical audit.

    Thunder Terminal has engaged its legal team and alerted the FBI to investigate the cyberattack. The platform pledges to fully refund affected users, offering 0% fees and $100,000 in credits. Immediate actions include the implementation of two-factor authentication for withdrawals and an intensified focus on session security. The platform expresses willingness to negotiate with the hacker for the return of user funds but is prepared to pursue legal action within the US judicial system if cooperation is lacking.

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