Virginia Senate Introduces Cryptocurrency Rights Bill

    Virginia Senate introduces Senate Bill 339, securing citizens' cryptocurrency rights, allowing self-custody, transactions, and mining. The bill also proposes a study on blockchain technology and digital assets.

      • Virginia’s Crypto Rights: State Sen. Saddam Azlan Salim introduces Senate Bill 339, aiming to protect citizens’ cryptocurrency activities.
      • Key Provisions: The bill ensures rights to self-custody, transactions, mining, and tax exemptions for transactions under $200.
      • Satoshi Action Fund: The non-profit organization supports similar bills in multiple states, advocating for Bitcoin and mining.

    Empowering Crypto Users:

    Virginia State Senator Saddam Azlan Salim has presented Senate Bill 339, emphasizing citizens’ rights in cryptocurrency dealings. The bill enables self-custody, transactions, and mining activities without the need for a money-transferring license.

    Innovative Study Initiative:

    Notably, the bill calls for a work group to study blockchain technology, digital asset mining, and cryptocurrency in the Commonwealth. This groundbreaking approach sets Virginia apart from other states embracing crypto-friendly legislation.

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