Trezor Reveals Phishing Attack Impacting 66K Users

    Trezor discloses a security breach affecting 66K users. Unauthorized access to support portal; no compromise on funds, but phishing attempts reported. Stay informed on cryptocurrency security.

    • Security Breach: Hardware wallet Trezor discloses a phishing attack exposing contact details of 66,000 users.
    • Unauthorized Access: Incident involves unauthorized access to a third-party support portal.
    • No Fund Compromise: Trezor reassures users that funds remain secure; only contact information affected.
    • Phishing Attempts: Attackers target 41 users directly with phishing emails; additional compromise on third-party trial platform.

    Unauthorized Access to Support Portal Trezor, a leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider, has revealed a security breach affecting nearly 66,000 users. The incident, identified on Jan. 17, involved unauthorized access to a third-party support portal. Users interacting with Trezor’s support since December 2021 may have had their contact details exposed.

    No Compromise on Funds, But Phishing Attempts Emerge Trezor emphasizes that users’ funds remain secure. However, at least 41 users received phishing emails requesting sensitive information, while eight individuals on a third-party vendor’s trial discussion platform faced compromised contact details.

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