Valkyrie Funds to add ‘ether’ futures in exchange-traded fund after SEC approval

    Valkyrie Funds is adding “Ethereum” futures contracts to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) after receiving approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Digital asset markets have witnessed significant developments with Valkyrie’s announcement of its intention to include Ethereum contracts in an ETF, following SEC approval. This move comes after a long-awaited decision and will have a significant impact on the digital currency market.

    Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization after Bitcoin and has recently seen a substantial increase in demand. Adding Ethereum futures contracts to an ETF represents a significant opportunity for investors to capitalize on this increased interest in the digital currency.

    SEC approval is a crucial step in the evolution of the digital currency market, bringing more transparency and security to investors. The addition of Ethereum contracts to the ETF is expected to have a positive impact on the currency’s value and encourage more investors to enter this promising market.

    Media reports suggest that the Securities and Exchange Commission was on the verge of approving futures contracts for Ethereum, and it appears to have boosted the token’s price.

    Ethereum prices have risen by approximately 6% in the past week alone, including a 3.3% jump on Thursday, with little significant change in the previous month.


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