Spanish Regulator Puts Brakes on Worldcoin’s Data Collection

    Spanish regulator AEPD orders Worldcoin to halt personal data collection, marking a significant crackdown on the crypto project's transparency and concerns about data processing, particularly involving minors. Spain takes the lead in protecting

    • Spanish data protection regulator, AEPD, issues directive to halt Worldcoin’s personal data collection.
    • Concerns raised about Worldcoin’s transparency and data processing methods.
    • Spain becomes the first European nation to take action against Worldcoin, emphasizing the protection of minors.

    AEPD Directive and Concerns

    The Spanish data protection regulator, AEPD, has delivered a decisive blow to Worldcoin, instructing the crypto project to cease the collection of personal data within the country. This move comes in response to a wave of complaints lodged against Worldcoin, particularly focusing on the lack of clarity in information provided about data processing, the involvement of minors, and the absence of mechanisms for consent withdrawal. The AEPD’s precautionary action, announced on Wednesday, demands compliance within a tight timeframe of 72 hours.

    Spain Takes the Lead in Worldcoin Crackdown

    Spain’s intervention marks a significant development, as it becomes the first European nation to take concrete action against Worldcoin. The crackdown spans three months and reflects broader concerns about the project’s transparency in handling personal data. Notably, Worldcoin’s approach involves the use of an “orb,” an eyeball-scanning device, to collect customer information. The overarching goal is to establish a proof-of-personhood system, crucial as artificial intelligence progresses. However, the lack of transparency in data collection methods has triggered regulatory responses globally.

    Mar España Martí, AEPD director, emphasized Spain’s role in raising the alarm within Europe. The particular concern lies in Worldcoin’s data collection practices involving minors, prompting calls for coordinated action across the European Union. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which oversees personal data processing within the EU, dictates strict guidelines for entities managing such data. Breaches of these regulations can result in substantial fines, highlighting the gravity of Worldcoin’s current predicament.

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