Ronaldinho’s Crypto Comeback Stirs Controversy

    Football icon Ronaldinho Gaúcho announces a return to the crypto scene, facing skepticism and criticism from the community due to past controversies and failed projects.

      • Ronaldinho announces return to crypto.
      • Skepticism and criticism from the crypto community.
      • History of controversial crypto projects.
      • Recent involvement in alleged pyramid scheme.
      • Previous partnerships in the crypto space

    Ronaldinho’s Return to Crypto

    Football legend Ronaldinho Gaúcho has recently hinted at making a significant comeback to the cryptocurrency world. On June 23, he posted on X, declaring it was time for cryptocurrencies to “go mainstream” and urged his followers to join him. This announcement marks a notable moment for Ronaldinho, who has had a tumultuous history with crypto ventures.

    However, the response from the crypto community has been far from enthusiastic. Prominent on-chain investigator ZachXBT has been vocal in his skepticism, questioning Ronaldinho’s motives and suggesting that financial difficulties might be driving his re-entry. In a pointed comment, ZachXBT remarked, “Is this a translation for you are bankrupt again? In case you forgot, here are all of the crypto projects you pump and dumped over the years,” accompanied by a screenshot highlighting Ronaldinho’s involvement in various controversial projects.

    Past Controversies and Skepticism

    Ronaldinho’s previous forays into the crypto space have been fraught with controversy. Notably, his association with the “18kRonaldinho” project, which was accused of being a $61 million pyramid scheme, stands out. The project promised unrealistic returns of 2% per day to investors who contributed at least $30 in digital currencies. During a Brazilian congressional hearing, Ronaldinho denied any formal association with the project, claiming his image was used without his consent.

    This skepticism is compounded by his history of promoting several crypto projects that have been criticized for being dubious. Ronaldinho’s involvement with projects like Baby Doge, Atari Chain, Lord Society NFT, and World Cup Inu (WCI) have all drawn scrutiny from the crypto community.

    Despite these controversies, Ronaldinho has also made legitimate attempts to engage with the crypto world. In February 2022, he partnered with Graph Blockchain’s subsidiary, New World Inc., to become an ambassador and promote NFT experiences to his massive fanbase, which includes nearly 77 million followers on Instagram. Later that year, he collaborated with the decentralized exchange P00LS to launch his own token, RON.

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