Robin AI CEO Addresses AI Hallucinations and Advocates for Human Oversight in Legal Tech

    Richard Robinson, CEO of Robin AI, discusses the risks of AI hallucinations and emphasizes the need for human oversight in legal technology. He underscores the importance of using AI as a complement, not a replacement, for legal professionals.

    Richard Robinson, CEO of AI legal copilot Robin AI, asserts that the responsibility for mitigating the risks associated with “AI hallucinations” lies with humans, not technology. While acknowledging AI’s power in automating tasks, he cautions against relying on it without proper oversight. AI hallucinations refer to instances where AI systems generate inaccurate outputs, emphasizing the need for careful scrutiny. Robinson rejects the notion that AI dehumanizes legal services, emphasizing Robin AI’s role in supporting, not replacing, lawyers. The company’s technology, referred to as a copilot, aims to complement legal professionals rather than diminish their role.

    In October 2023, researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China and Tencent’s YouTu Lab developed a tool to address AI hallucinations.

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