North Korean Hackers Amass $3B in Crypto Heists: A Cybersecurity Menace Expands

    North Korean hackers, aided by state support, have orchestrated cryptocurrency heists totaling $3 billion since 2017, with $1.7 billion pilfered in 2022 alone. This surpasses the nation’s military budget and export earnings, signaling a cyber threat transcending borders.

    North Korean hackers, under state patronage, have emerged as formidable players in the cryptocurrency realm. According to a report by United States cybersecurity firm Recorded Future, these threat actors have siphoned off a staggering $3 billion in digital assets since 2017, with a notable spike of $1.7 billion in 2022. This amount accounts for nearly half of North Korea’s annual military budget and is approximately 10 times more than the nation’s 2021 export earnings.

    The cyber assailants initially targeted South Korea’s crypto market before expanding globally, leveraging state backing to amplify their operations. Recorded Future emphasizes that this shift from traditional finance to cryptocurrency demonstrates the adaptability and audacity of North Korean hackers. The report underscores the challenge posed by state-sponsored threat actors, enabling operations at a scale beyond the reach of conventional cybercriminals.

    In response to these activities, the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control recently imposed sanctions on the crypto mixer Sinbad. Allegedly, this platform facilitated money laundering for the North Korea-based Lazarus Group, highlighting the international ramifications of North Korea’s cyber operations.

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