Nexo Boosts Security Through Strategic Partnership with Sift

    Nexo strengthens its digital security by partnering with Sift to integrate advanced fraud prevention tools. This collaboration aims to provide a secure and user-centric experience, leveraging AI-powered solutions and global data networks.

    • Nexo-Sift Partnership: Nexo collaborates with Sift to enhance digital asset fraud protection.
    • Advanced Fraud Prevention: Integration of Sift’s AI-powered solutions to fortify Nexo’s platform against fraud.
    • Global Data Network Access: Nexo gains access to Sift’s Global Data Network for improved fraud detection.
    • User-Centric Approach: The partnership aims to create a streamlined user experience while ensuring robust security measures.

    Fortifying Digital Security

    Nexo, a prominent digital asset firm, has taken a significant step in fortifying its security measures through a strategic partnership with Sift. The collaboration focuses on upgrading fraud prevention mechanisms to ensure a secure and streamlined experience for Nexo’s vast customer base, exceeding six million globally.

    AI-Powered Defense Against Fraud

    In its pursuit to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate financial losses due to fraudulent activities, Nexo plans to leverage Sift’s payment protection and account defense solutions. These tools, driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, aim to enhance transaction speed, security, and reduce the risk of account takeovers.

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