Digihost’s Strategic Boost: 4,640 S19 XPs Acquired in Major Hosting Deal

    Digihost Technology Inc. secures a game-changing hosting deal, acquiring 4,640 Bitmain S19 XPs to elevate its bitcoin mining prowess. CEO Michel Amar highlights the strategic move, coupled with a green initiative in Angola for clean energy.

    • Digihost Technology Inc. secures a multi-year hosting deal with a prominent global provider of digital currency mining equipment.
    • Acquisition of 4,640 Bitmain-brand S19 XPs to enhance Digihost’s bitcoin mining capabilities.
    • $1.8 million deposit and cutting-edge miners expected to elevate Digihost’s hashrate to 2.4 EH/s.
    • Digihost CEO, Michel Amar, expresses enthusiasm, emphasizing the agreement’s alignment with the company’s expansion objectives and commitment to innovative mining technology.
    • Concurrently, Digihost initiates a 5-megawatt Community Solar project in Angola, contributing to clean energy and cost reduction.

    Digihost’s Mining Capacities Skyrocket

    In a strategic move, Digihost Technology Inc. has solidified its position in the competitive realm of bitcoin mining through a substantial hosting contract. The multi-year agreement with a leading global provider of digital currency mining equipment brings 4,640 Bitmain-brand S19 XPs into Digihost’s mining fleet. This development is poised to significantly enhance the company’s bitcoin mining efficiency, especially as it gears up for the imminent Bitcoin network halving event.

    Pursuant to the contractual terms, Digihost is set to receive a substantial $1.8 million deposit alongside the deployment of state-of-the-art miners. The infusion of these advanced machines is projected to catapult Digihost’s hashrate to an impressive 2.4 EH/s. Michel Amar, Digihost’s CEO, expressed his excitement, highlighting the agreement’s synergies with the firm’s expansion goals and its commitment to staying at the forefront of mining technology.

    Digihost’s Green Initiative in Angola

    Simultaneously, Digihost is diversifying its impact beyond mining by embarking on a 5-megawatt Community Solar project in Angola, New York. This forward-thinking initiative not only underscores Digihost’s commitment to sustainability but also aims to provide clean energy to over 1,000 homes annually. Beyond the environmental benefits, the solar mining project is expected to contribute significantly to reducing Digihost’s overall energy expenditures. The inauguration of this solar endeavor is slated for the third quarter of 2024, marking another milestone in Digihost’s multifaceted approach to the blockchain and energy landscape.

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