American Rapper Nelly’s X Account Hacked in Crypto Phishing Scheme

    Nelly’s X (Twitter) account, owned by American rapper Nelly, falls victim to hackers promoting a crypto phishing scheme. Crypto phishing attacks are on the rise, and vigilance is essential.

    Nelly’s X Twitter account has fallen prey to hackers orchestrating a crypto phishing scheme. These cybercriminals pose as security analysts, targeting unsuspecting crypto investors. Reports reveal a concerning trend, with over $700 million stolen in crypto hacks during the third quarter of 2023, and nearly $700,000 lost to phishing scams in just 18 days.

    The hackers, posing as Nelly, initiate contact by offering an ‘Etherscan’ link to the victim’s wallet address, inquiring innocently, “Is this your wallet by any chance?” Capitalizing on the account’s reputation as a scam detector, users are deceived into thinking they’re interacting with a security analyst.

    However, suspicion arises as the conversation unfolds, and the attacker aims to direct victims to a malicious website. Alert crypto enthusiasts have uncovered this phishing scheme and urge caution within the crypto ecosystem.

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