Stablecoin Market Surges Over $2.5 Billion in 10 Days

    The stablecoin market experiences a remarkable surge, surpassing $2.5 billion in just ten days. Ethena USDE takes the lead with a significant supply increase, contributing to the sector's overall valuation of $140.82 billion.

    • Stablecoin Surge: The stablecoin sector witnesses a remarkable rise, expanding by $2.5 billion in the past ten days.
    • Key Players: Ethena, FDUSD, and other leading stablecoins drive the market to a valuation of $140.82 billion.
    • Ethena’s Dominance: Ethena USDE leads with a substantial 224.9% increase in supply since Jan. 24.

    Stablecoin Boom Continues:

    In the initial half of February, the stablecoin market experienced a surge, adding $1.7 billion to its value. This momentum continued, resulting in a remarkable increase exceeding $2.5 billion over the last ten days. Notably, Ethena USDE, FDUSD, and other major stablecoins played pivotal roles in driving this growth.

    Ethena USDE Dominates:

    Amidst the stablecoin expansion, Ethena USDE stands out, showcasing a staggering 224.9% surge in supply since January 24. This surge propels its market capitalization to $427.14 million, securing its position as the eighth-largest fiat-pegged crypto asset.

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