Cryptocurrency Exchange Fixedfloat Suffers $26 Million Hack in BTC and ETH

    Cryptocurrency exchange Fixedfloat faces a severe setback as an unknown attacker siphons off nearly $26 million in BTC and ETH. The platform is currently in maintenance mode, addressing vulnerabilities and uncertainties around recovery.

    • Automatic Exchange Hacked: Fixedfloat, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, faces a significant security breach.
    • $26 Million Lost: The attacker made away with nearly $26 million in BTC and ETH.
    • Platform in Maintenance: Fixedfloat’s platform is temporarily closed as investigations and security improvements are underway.
    • Peckshield Findings: Blockchain security firm Peckshield identified the stolen assets, including 1,728 ETH and 409 BTC.
    • Recovery Uncertain: Users are left in the dark about the recovery time frame, while the exchange works on resolving the issue.

    Exploit Unveils Significant Losses

    Cryptocurrency exchange Fixedfloat has fallen victim to a major security breach, with an unknown attacker making off with close to $26 million in BTC and ETH. The platform, currently in maintenance mode, acknowledged the incident and assured users that efforts are underway to address vulnerabilities.

    Peckshield’s Discovery

    Upon investigation by Peckshield, it was revealed that the hacker managed to steal 1,728 ETH, valued at $4.85 million, and 409 BTC, reaching close to $21 million. Most of the stolen ETH has already been transferred to different exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain.

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