Crypto Mining Equipment Unearthed in Poland’s Supreme Court

    Polish authorities are investigating the discovery of unauthorized crypto mining equipment in the Supreme Administrative Court’s building in Warsaw. The mining rigs, hidden in ventilation ducts, triggered a probe into potential security risks. The court’s information chief denies data threat. Get the details on this crypto intrusion.

    Poland’s Supreme Administrative Court is under scrutiny as prosecutors delve into the clandestine installation of cryptocurrency mining equipment within its premises. Uncovered in August and September, the mining rigs were strategically placed in a ventilation duct, prompting an investigation into security concerns.

    The court’s president terminated the maintenance contract with the responsible company, leading to the dismissal of two employees involved.

    While the financial impact remains undisclosed, preliminary data suggests substantial monthly electricity costs.

    Judge Sylwester Marciniak, head of the Judicial Information Department, assures the public of data security despite the crypto mining presence.

    The Warsaw prosecution office has enlisted electricity experts to assess the rigs’ power consumption.

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