Chinese Altcoin ShuttleFlow Ceases Operations, Shifts Focus to Zero Gravity

    Conflux Foundation’s ShuttleFlow, a multi-chain protocol ecosystem, is shutting down after two years of service. User assets will be transferred to Zero Gravity, and bridging operations will close in November 2023.

    ShuttleFlow, the multi-chain protocol ecosystem managed by the Conflux (CFX) Foundation, announced its shutdown after two years of service. Users need not worry about their altcoins’ safety, as all assets will be transferred to Zero Gravity. The Conflux Foundation expressed its commitment to decentralization and infrastructure partner accumulation.

    For users who have previously used ShuttleFlow’s bridge service, there’s no further action required. However, those who have bridged assets but haven’t claimed them on the target chain are advised to do so promptly. After the closure of ShuttleFlow’s bridging service, limited functionality will assist users in claiming unclaimed assets.

    The ShuttleFlow Website and its decentralized application will remain available with limited functionality until January 6, 2024. The official closure of bridging operations is scheduled for November 6, 2023.

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