Defi TVL Soars: $57 Billion Locked, $20 Billion Secured in 3 Months

    7- Defi's total value locked has surged to $57 billion in 3 months, with Lido leading at $23.22 billion. Explore the dynamics of top protocols, Ethereum's dominance, and the potential challenges ahead in decentralized finance.

    • TVL Growth: Defi TVL has surged by 54.13%, reaching $57.74 billion in the last 93 days.
    • Top Protocols: Lido leads with a 10.66% increase, holding $23.22 billion, followed by Maker, Aave, Justlend, and Uniswap.
    • Blockchain Dominance: Ethereum commands 57.3% of total TVL, with Tron as the second-largest chain at $7.86 billion.
    • Market Dynamics: While some protocols show growth, a slowdown since Jan. 10, 2024, raises questions about the sustainability of defi’s current trajectory.

    Defi TVL Hits $57 Billion Mark

    Decentralized finance (defi) continues its upward trajectory, with the total value locked (TVL) reaching an impressive $57.74 billion, reflecting a remarkable 54.13% surge in the last 93 days. Leading the pack is Lido, boasting a 10.66% increase and securing the top spot with $23.22 billion in TVL. However, the landscape reveals nuanced dynamics among the top protocols.

    Top Protocols Show Varied Performance

    Maker, the second-largest defi protocol, experiences a slight dip of 1.52% over the last 30 days, while Aave sees a notable 10.34% increase. Uniswap stands out with a remarkable 78.56% growth since last month. Ethereum maintains its dominance, commanding 57.3% of the total TVL, followed by Tron with $7.86 billion.

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