Argentina’s Milei Signals Dollarization, Bitfarms Expands in Paraguay

    Argentina's President Milei signals the imminent dollarization, while Bitfarms expands crypto mining near the Itaipú Dam in Paraguay. Stay updated on Latin America's economic and crypto developments.

    • Argentine President Javier Milei emphasizes the nearing dollarization of the economy.
    • Bitfarms, a Nasdaq-listed crypto mining company, expands operations near the Itaipú Dam in Paraguay.
    • El Salvador approves a soy-backed token issuance.

    Argentina’s Milei Talks Dollarization Again

    In a recent interview, Argentine President Javier Milei reiterated his administration’s commitment to the potential dollarization of the country’s economy. Milei highlighted the substantial reserves, stating that the nation is on the verge of dollarization, emphasizing the need to stabilize the economy first.

    Bitfarms Expands Operations in Paraguay

    Bitfarms, a prominent cryptocurrency mining company listed on Nasdaq, has announced a significant expansion in Paraguay. The company secured land near the Itaipú Dam, where it plans to establish a 100MW mining site. This strategic move aims to leverage the region’s abundant renewable energy, aligning with Bitfarms’ commitment to environmentally sustainable bitcoin mining.

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