Streamlining Crypto Tax Filing: ZenLedger Teams Up with April

    ZenLedger joins forces with April, an AI tax software startup, to streamline crypto tax filing for U.S. users. The partnership aims to simplify the process on a single platform, addressing the complexities of crypto taxation amid increased IRS scrutiny.

    • ZenLedger partners with AI-powered tax software startup April to enhance services for U.S. customers.
    • Collaboration aims to simplify crypto tax filing on a single platform amid increasing complexity.
    • Users can import aggregated trade data into April’s platform seamlessly, reducing the risk of errors.
    • With IRS focusing on crypto transactions, the partnership anticipates growing demand for comprehensive tax solutions.
    • The move aligns with the Treasury Dept’s efforts to ensure reporting from all crypto exchanges and wallets.


    As the interest in digital asset investing rises, so does the complexity of crypto taxation. ZenLedger, a crypto tax startup, is strategically partnering with AI-powered tax software startup April to alleviate the tax-filing concerns of U.S. customers. The collaboration focuses on creating a streamlined process, allowing users to import aggregated trade data seamlessly into April’s platform.

    With the IRS closely monitoring crypto transactions, the partnership between ZenLedger and April comes at a crucial time. The IRS’s recent mandate for reporting transactions over $10,000 adds to the evolving landscape of crypto taxation. By consolidating the entire tax experience into a single platform, ZenLedger aims to reduce the risk of errors and inaccuracies in reporting.

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