zkSync Experiences Christmas Day Downtime, Swiftly Recovers

    On Christmas Day, zkSync faced a five-hour downtime due to a server bug triggering automated safety protocols. The team promptly addressed the issue, ensuring the network’s full recovery. This incident mirrors a trend of blockchain network disruptions throughout 2023.

     On December 25, zkSync encountered an unexpected setback, forcing developers to conduct an urgent inspection during the holiday season. The network’s downtime lasted approximately five hours, with the team diligently resolving the issue. At 7:36 am UTC, the zkSync team alerted users on X (formerly Twitter) about ongoing network issues. They reassured the community of their commitment to resolving the situation. By 10:52 am UTC, a follow-up announcement declared the successful resolution of the problem. The cause was attributed to a bug in the server triggering an automated safety protocol.

    Blockchain network disruptions in 2023 have become a recurring theme. Notably, Solana faced a four-hour outage in January due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, while Polygon experienced an 11-hour downtime in March following a bug introduced during a hard fork. Ethereum layer-2 Abitrum also encountered a 78-minute outage on December 15 due to an unexpected surge in inscription minting.

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