ZachXBT Exposes Canadian Scammer Yahya in Multiple SIM Swap Attacks, Leading to $4.5M Theft

    Canadian scammer Yahya is exposed by ZachXBT for orchestrating 17+ SIM swap attacks, resulting in a $4.5 million theft. Discover the details of Yahya’s fraudulent activities and the crypto detective’s relentless pursuit of justice.

    ZachXBT, the pseudonymous crypto detective, has unveiled a nefarious web of SIM swap attacks orchestrated by the Canadian scammer, Yahya. Yahya’s role in this elaborate scheme involved searching for potential victims on platforms like X/Twitter, using his control panel. He profited from each successful attack, collaborating with other scammers, including one with ties to the FBI. Their deceitful act inadvertently exposed Yahya’s wallet address, leading ZachXBT to link it to multiple SIM swap attacks.

    Notable victims of these attacks included prominent figures like Bitboy Crypto, Slingshot, and PleasrDAO core team member Jamis. Yahya used the stolen funds for extravagant purchases, showing little remorse for his actions.

    ZachXBT’s investigation sheds light on the growing issue of SIM swap attacks in the crypto space, with victims collectively losing millions. This exposé underscores the importance of tackling such fraudulent activities within the cryptocurrency community.

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