Worldcoin Kenya Controversy: Cabinet Secretary Blasted for Inconsistent Statements About Project’s License Status

    The controversy surrounding Worldcoin’s operations in Kenya deepens as the Cabinet Secretary faces criticism for contradictory statements regarding the project’s license status.

    The Worldcoin project’s presence in Kenya has become mired in controversy as the Cabinet Secretary in charge faces mounting criticism for making inconsistent statements regarding the project’s license status.

    The Worldcoin initiative, which aims to distribute a global cryptocurrency, has drawn attention for its pilot program in Kenya. However, doubts have arisen about the project’s legality and licensing.

    The controversy centers on the Cabinet Secretary’s statements, who initially stated that the project had received all the necessary licenses and approvals. Subsequently, contradictory information emerged, suggesting that the project might not have the required licenses to operate in Kenya.

    This inconsistency has prompted sharp criticism from various quarters, including lawmakers and concerned citizens, who demand transparency and clarity about the project’s legal standing.

    As the controversy unfolds, questions regarding the project’s compliance with regulatory requirements and its potential impact on the Kenyan financial landscape remain unanswered, leaving stakeholders eager for a resolution to this ongoing debate.

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