While Known Mining Pools Currently Dominate, Unknown Miners Discovered the Most Bitcoin Blocks During the Last 13 Years

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The Bitcoin network has been operational for 5,012 days and so far, more than 755,000 blocks have been mined into existence. During the last year, Foundry USA and Antpool were the top two miners as the combined pools collectively mined 18,229 blocks out of the 53,510 blocks mined this year. Foundry is the leader this year, but all-time statistics show the pool is the 15th largest, and has only found 1.55% of the more than 755,000 blocks discovered.

Unknown Hashrate Discovered a Majority of Bitcoin Blocks During the Last 13 Years
During the past three days, 11 different known mining pools have dedicated hashrate to the Bitcoin (BTC) network. Furthermore, during the last 12 months, 27 different known mining pools mined BTC and all-time statistics indicate roughly 98 pools have mined BTC during the past 13 years.

This year, Foundry USA is and has been the leader in terms of hashrate, and out of 53,510 BTC blocks, Foundry discovered 10,044 blocks total. Antpool managed to gather 8,185 BTC blocks, and the two top pools were followed by F2pool, Binance Pool, Viabtc, Poolin, and Btc.com, respectively.

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12-month Bitcoin hashrate distribution statistics from January 3, 2009 to September 23, 2022.

Unknown hashrate, otherwise known as stealth miners, only captured 1.78% of the blocks found during the past year. Unknown hashrate managed to gather 954 blocks in 12 months as known mining pools have become a prominent force in the world of Bitcoin.

Yet, that hasn’t always been the case, and stealth miners including Satoshi Nakamoto, are still the ultimate winners of the most BTC blocks found in history. Data shows that out of 755,432 blocks mined during the last 13 years, unknown hashrate has captured 29.90% of the global hashrate.

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All-time Bitcoin hashrate distribution statistics from January 3, 2009 to September 23, 2022.

While unknown hashrate is less notable these days, stealth miners have managed to find 225,864 blocks since the network started. While F2pool was the third largest pool this past year, the pool is the second largest pool of all time.

F2pool has managed to command 9.73% of the global hashrate for more than a decade, and it has found 73,477 BTC blocks. Antpool holds the third largest pool position of all time with 65,999 blocks found to date.

Btc.com captured 39,022 blocks and Braiins Pool (formerly known as Slush Pool) found 38,376 blocks to date. The now-defunct ​​BTC Guild is still the sixth largest mining pool in terms of blocks found during the past 13 years.

Today’s top miner, Foundry USA, is in the 15th position in terms of all-time statistics and it’s only found 1.55% of the blocks mined to date. 12 different pools have found less than 50 blocks and four mining pools have found less than 30.

The bitcoin mining pool 175btc has found the least amount of blocks (22), according to all-time bitcoin mining distribution statistics. After 13 years, in September 2022, Bitcoin’s global hashrate and mining difficulty reached all-time highs.


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