Valve removes games that include cryptocurrencies or NFT from Steam


At best, NFT they are the new trendy digital product that makes you believe you own something when in fact you don’t. At worst, they’re just another way for scammers to steal your money while ruining the environment even more than humanity already does. For these reasons, Valve has said “no” to NFTs in Steam.

In reality, it probably has more to do with the uncontrollable monetary value of NFTs that nullifies the attempts themselves Steam to monetize your digital products. But in any case, Valve has updated Steam guidelines to ban games they use NFT O cryptocurrencies.

The news comes courtesy of Age of Rust, a first-person adventure game in which players can receive NFT for solving puzzles. Those NFTs would basically be one-time achievements that could then be traded with other players or on various open NFT markets.

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We opted to be frank about blockchain gaming and NFT. As a result, we finally lost the battle with Steam“Age of Rust wrote in a Twitter post.”While I am disappointed in the removal of Age of Rust, the point is more to the fact that Blockchain games as a whole will be removed. This is a setback for everyone“.

Age of Rust wrote that it had “good communication” with Steam, and a representative explained that it was Steam’s policy not to allow “items that may have real-world value on its platform.” Not wanting to completely rewrite their game, Age of Rust has chosen to publish on other platforms.

The NFT They’ve been trying to break through in games for a while, but they haven’t found much traction yet. Proponents of NFTs point out that NFTs could provide players with greater ownership of in-game objects, be they maps, suits, weapons, or anything else that could be the subject of a blockchain. In reality, very little of that has come true, and most blockchain-based games lose all their value as soon as their servers go down.

If to this we add the various scams that have been perpetrated with NFT and how terribly intensive maintaining a blockchain can be, perhaps the best thing is that Valve has decided to move away from NFTs.