Upgrade to Cardano Core Boosts Digital Currency ADA Price

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The cryptocurrency markets have shown exceptional resilience amidst the global financial crisis that caused major banks to collapse. The Cardano (ADA) team has launched a new core upgrade for their network, helping their digital currency join the surge.

The update pertains to P2P network support, where the Node 1.35.6 release provides dynamic P2P network support for Cardano Node, promising increased network resilience. It was recently launched on the main network, according to the team’s GitHub entry from March 16.

Developers have clarified that the upgrade works to provide P2P network support without the need for development network protocols, while the old topology technology remains a parallel mode of operation. This release is based on the “release/1.35” branch, so it contains no changes unrelated to P2P.

After the upgrade was released, the price of ADA began to rise, reaching $0.3439 at present, with a 4.37% increase on the day and a 10.71% increase over the previous week, reversing losses incurred in the previous month.

Community expectations for Cardano’s digital currency point to higher prices by the end of March, with ADA expected to trade at $0.3861 on March 31, 2023, as the number of whales and institutional investors with ADA increases.

In other news, this crucial move comes at a time of significant growth in the cryptocurrency market, bolstering the strength of Cardano’s currency, which continues to rise after the new upgrade was launched. Although PricePredictions platform has offered cautious predictions about the currency’s future performance, the recent rise in its price suggests that investors still expect positive growth for it in the near future.


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