Ukheshe Solidifies African Fintech Dominance with 100% Stake in EFT Corporation

    Ukheshe, a leading South African fintech, acquires EFT Corporation, amplifying its African influence and gaining access to new technologies. This strategic move positions Ukheshe as a dominant force in the evolving landscape of digital finance.

    • Ukheshe Expansion: South African fintech Ukheshe secures a 100% stake in EFT Corporation, bolstering its African presence.
    • Access to Technologies: The acquisition grants Ukheshe entry to new technologies and markets, enriching its offerings and opportunities.
    • Strategic Move: Ukheshe’s CEO sees the consolidation as positioning them to dominate the African continent as a premier banking solutions partner.

    South African fintech powerhouse, Ukheshe, has successfully acquired a full stake in EFT Corporation, a key player in Africa’s payment services landscape. This strategic move aligns with Ukheshe’s ambitious agenda of extending its influence across Africa and beyond. The acquisition, coming on the heels of the funding partnership with Development Partners International (DPI), marks a significant leap forward for Ukheshe.

    Access to Innovation:

    Ukheshe gains more than just ownership; it secures access to EFT Corporation’s cutting-edge technologies and unlocks doors to diverse markets and customers. The move follows Ukheshe’s prior acquisition of Masterpass, further solidifying its commitment to staying at the forefront of digital finance. Clayton Haywards, Ukheshe’s CEO, emphasizes the consolidation’s role in positioning the company as the preferred banking solutions partner on the African continent.

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