Turkish Crypto Surge: Unveiling Investor Motivations

    Discover the driving forces behind the surging interest in crypto among Turkish investors. A Binance survey sheds light on key factors, including profit potential and ease of monitoring positions, influencing 66% and 56% of investors, respectively.

    Turkish investors are flocking to crypto, surpassing traditional assets. Binance’s survey reveals 66% are enticed by profit potential, while 56% are drawn to easy position monitoring. Conducted in collaboration with Twentify, the study gathered insights from 606 participants, probing attitudes toward cryptocurrencies. For 38%, the absence of a minimum investment threshold led to crypto adoption, and 33% cited low transaction costs. However, 40% of non-investors flagged crypto risks as a deterrent. Despite concerns, 73% anticipate a surge in crypto investors over the next five years, with 64% expecting price hikes in the coming year.

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