To enter the metaverse, the Argentine Soccer Association AFA collaborates with Upland

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To introduce its supporters to the metaverse, the Argentine Soccer Association, or AFA, has teamed with Upland, a virtual world platform.

Upland will give Argentine fans a stronger link to the AFA’s past by giving them the chance to purchase digital replicas of the league’s clubs, games, historical events, and even tickets.

The organization that oversees the national soccer league, the Argentine Soccer Association, or AFA, is now moving into the metaverse.

The company has teamed up with Upland, a real-world mapping metaverse project, to enable its customers to access the metaverse and enjoy the advantages of being more in touch with renowned teams and players.

The cooperation between Upland and the AFA will reportedly comprise digital representations of all the league’s teams, including players, tickets, games, historical moments, and platform-exclusive experiences.

However, this metaverse experience won’t solely be one-way because the site will permit fans to resell these digital artifacts, creating a secondary market.

After the national Selection won the most recent FIFA World Cup, which was hosted in Qatar, the Argentine Soccer Association hopes that this will strengthen the institution’s bond with its supporters and internationalize the domestic league.

We cordially invite Upland to join our Association and the Argentine Professional Soccer League as a new commercial partner.

Some of their teams and other soccer leagues around the world have already joined the metaverse bandwagon.

With agreements with Globant and Dapper Labs to increase its metaverse footprint and create markets for licensed digital goods, the Spanish Laliga, the country’s top soccer league, is already deeply involved in metaverse-related efforts.

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