The capital investment in European DeFi companies increased by 120% during 2022

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According to recent data, European DeFi companies have seen a significant increase in capital investment, up to 120% during 2022. This significant increase is a result of the tremendous growth that the DeFi industry has experienced recently, providing lucrative investment opportunities for those interested in innovation and technology.

DeFi offers a combination of flexibility, transparency, and security that attracts users and investors alike, and European companies specializing in this field are among the world leaders. This increase in capital investment reflects the great confidence that European DeFi companies enjoy and recognition of their vital role in developing the digital economy.

It is expected that this increase in investment will continue in the coming years, as a result of the significant expansion of the DeFi industry and its growing reliance on it in the global economy. Therefore, investors and those interested in this field should keep up with the latest developments and technologies to take advantage of emerging investment opportunities in the European DeFi industry.

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