The Bitcoin B logo flashes. Berlin’s tallest structure in Germany

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On January 21, Berliners were able to view the Bitcoin B projected onto the Berliner Fernsehturm tower.

This past weekend, the Bitcoin (BTC) logo illuminated Berlin’s nighttime sky by emblazoning Germany’s tallest building with a massive orange B.

On January 21, the Berliner Fernsehturm tower, also known as the TV Tower, was illuminated with the Bitcoin logo. German Bitcoin users posted images and videos of the illumination on social media and Twitter, where they were later reshared by well-known Bitcoin Twitter accounts.

German Bitcoiner Tilo, the creator of the B, explained to Cointelegraph how the idea for it first occurred to him:

“All we want to do is draw attention to bitcoin! We’re supporters of guerilla tactics, so we’ll continue as planned.”.

This year’s “Best of Blockchain” conference will be held at an events company whose CEO is Tilo. In one of the comments, he clarified that it is easy to set up light displays: “What you need is a mixer, power station, and special Bitcoin logo.” The procedure had been tried by Tilo at the end of the previous year, “But the beamer I used was too weak,” he said.

The Bitcoin logo and other related themes have previously been projected onto well-known structures. “Fiat is the bubble, Bitcoin is the pin,” was projected onto the Bank of England in London in May 2021.

Tilo had previously used Bitcoin to project messages onto the famous Berlin Wall and had provided a list of the supplies needed for anyone interested in giving it a try. He is adamant that these kinds of “advertisements” are not legally permitted, so it is best to proceed cautiously.

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The Reddit community for German Bitcoiners celebrated the occasion with a string of “Noice” comments, but the Berlin-specific subreddit had a different strategy. The light show was criticised as “Light pollution” by one commenter, while another expressed the hope that “It [Bitcoin] never catches on.” They went on:

Bitcoin, which changes its appearance and motto every six months, is “turbo capitalism without boundaries and morals.”

After rising from the mid-teens, the price of one Bitcoin now comfortably sits in the $20k range, and network security has recently reached all-time highs. Recently, the hash rate—the quantity of searches carried out by Bitcoin miners each second—passed 300 Exahashes.

Additionally, there are millions of Bitcoin users worldwide, and the developing world is starting to learn about and utilise Bitcoin’s decentralised and sovereign properties. Berliners in the capital of Germany can use Bitcoin to make Lightning Network purchases of Subway sandwiches.

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