Study: Individuals earning over $100k annually can influence climate change


A new study has revealed that the wealthy in society can play a crucial role in addressing the challenge of climate change globally.

The study published by the Nature Energy journal on September 30 notes that the rich, who are also responsible for a significant share of the carbon emissions, can use their influence to spur action in addressing climate change.

This group can use investments, board seats, political connections, and networks with fellow wealthy colleagues to spark change. This status, therefore, gives them more say in the policies and initiatives that get pursued.

Those earning over $100k have influence on climate change
The research focused on Europe and the United States, where the rich were classified as people belonging to the upper-middle class. The group makes up 1% of the global population and earns at least $101,000 per year. The group was also classified according to social class, occupation type, and neighborhood.