Secret (SCRT) Initiates Proposal to Slash Inflation Rate: Community Votes Open

    Secret (SCRT) proposes a significant reduction in inflation rates, seeking community approval until December 6. Despite the cryptocurrency market’s recent optimism, SCRT’s value has plummeted by 96.55% from its 2021 bull market peak.

    The Secret (SCRT) community is actively engaging in discussions about lowering the inflation rate of the SCRT token. In a bold move, the community has initiated a proposal to decrease the inflation rate from 15% to 9%. The decision is open for community voting until December 6, reflecting a collective effort to shape the future of SCRT.

    Despite the prevailing bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market in recent weeks, SCRT’s price has experienced a 3% decline over the last week. Notably, SCRT, launched during the 2021 bull market, reached an impressive peak above $10. However, at the time of this writing, its value has plummeted to $0.36, marking a substantial 96.55% loss from its all-time high.

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