Salesforce has launched a platform for loyalty programs based on NFTs for major brands.

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The new NFT management platform, called Salesforce Web3, enables clients to create loyalty programs based on cryptocurrencies. Companies can create and sell NFTs, monitor blockchain activity, and view customer data in real-time on Salesforce Web3.

The platform was launched after a pilot program with 257,000 transactions with Salesforce clients such as Crown Royal whiskey, Scotch & Soda clothing, and Mattel, the owner of Barbie and Hot Wheels brands.

Adam Caplan, the general manager of Web3 at Salesforce, said that one of the most interesting and powerful things is accessing first-party data. With changes in regulations and Apple changing rules about cookies, Facebook and brands do not want to spend all this money with some of these organizations – the digital wallet becomes really powerful so I can engage directly with customers. Marc Mathieu, the president of Salesforce Web3, believes that digital wallets are the new cookies.

Companies can use Salesforce Web3 to launch loyalty programs for customers through cryptocurrencies, which can create real-time customer data and benefit from immediate user response. Some brands are likely to use NFTs as a revenue generator, but many see it as a way to engage with customers and excite them about the brand.

Additionally, Salesforce encourages ethical use of NFT technology and clarifies the benefits that it can bring to its clients and communities. According to Salesforce officials, NFT technology can be used positively and fairly, such as creating loyalty programs based on tokens to make the customer experience more interactive and personalized.

The main goal of Salesforce Web3 is to improve business operations and make processes more efficient and interactive. Thanks to the unique transparency provided by the system, business operations will be more secure and transparent, enabling companies to interact more effectively with their customers.

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