Robert Kiyosaki’s Investment Portfolio Shift: Bitcoin and More

    Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki unveils a new investment portfolio strategy, diverging from conventional advice. Discover his bold approach that includes significant allocations to Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Real Estate. Kiyosaki predicts a substantial rise in Bitcoin’s value.

    Robert Kiyosaki, the influential author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has recently shared his unconventional investment portfolio allocation template. He strongly critiques the traditional 60/40 model that recommends 60% allocation to bonds and 40% to stocks, deeming it outdated. According to Kiyosaki, these conventional “Smart Investors” will face significant losses in the upcoming year, given the evolving investment landscape. Instead, he proposes a new approach that includes a substantial allocation to Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, and Real Estate.

    Kiyosaki suggests that a staggering 75% of an investment portfolio should be safeguarded in Gold and Silver, which are historically considered reliable hedges against inflation. The remaining 25% should be diversified into Bitcoin, Real Estate, and oil stocks. These assets, in his view, provide a safe haven in times of economic turmoil.

    Kiyosaki’s Bullish Stance on Bitcoin

    Notably, Robert Kiyosaki is a prominent advocate of Bitcoin. He believes that Bitcoin is an ideal asset to protect against economic downturns and is poised for significant price appreciation. Kiyosaki’s recent prediction indicates that Bitcoin could reach $135,000, although his estimates tend to fluctuate. It’s important to note that he consistently acknowledges the potential for Bitcoin to establish strong support at $100,000.

    As of the current writing, Bitcoin is trading at $34,350.86, showing a 0.58% increase. Achieving Kiyosaki’s minimum projection of $100,000 would require a substantial 191% surge.

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