Ripple and Onafriq Forge Path for Faster Africa-GCC Cross-Border Crypto Payments

    Ripple and Onafriq’s collaboration marks a significant stride in facilitating rapid crypto-based cross-border payments between Africa and the GCC, the U.K., and Australia. The partnership not only enhances international money transfers but also propels financial inclusion across Africa.

     Ripple, a leading crypto solutions provider, has teamed up with African fintech startup Onafriq to revolutionize cross-border payments.

    The collaboration facilitates swift crypto transactions between Africa and the GCC, the U.K., and Australia. Payangel (U.K.), Pyypl (GCC), and Zazi Transfer (Australia) users can now send remittances seamlessly across 27 countries.

    Aaron Sears, Global Customer Success at Ripple, expressed excitement about extending Ripple’s reach into Africa through the Onafriq partnership.

    Onafriq’s CEO, Dare Okoudjou, emphasized the goal of diminishing the impact of borders on African payments, hailing the partnership as a bold step in their crypto strategy.

    With connections to 500 million mobile wallets across 40 African countries and over 1,300 payment corridors, Onafriq is poised to reshape mobile money movements in the region.

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