R&B singer Akon disputes claims that his dream of Crypto City is imploding

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Akon, a Senegalese-American musician, purportedly guaranteed participants in his “token of appreciation” (TOA) that their contributions would be repaid.

The musician reportedly stated that he is even willing to go on “a world tour just to pay them all back” to support this vow. Akon did admit, though, that he ought to “have gotten more things in place before advertising it [Akon City],” in an interview.

Akon, a singer and music producer who specializes in rhythm and blues (R&B), reportedly made a pledge to compensate disappointed supporters who have been waiting for reimbursements from his token of appreciation (TOA) campaign.

The Senegalese-American singer further assured TOA holders that he is willing to utilize his own resources to guarantee that this commitment is kept.

To repay them all, I would go on a world tour, the award-winning musician reportedly added.

The TOA apparently allowed fans a chance to purchase the coin in addition to serving as akoin’s forerunner.

Akon said in an interview with the BBC that his ambitious but sometimes delayed mega-construction project, Akon City, is still on track, despite the fact that he appeared to accept that some followers have lost trust in the endeavor.

The site of Akon’s mega city has, however, reportedly been turned into goat grazing area, according to a BBC story.

In the course of the interview, Akon, who attributes the delay to the Covid-19 epidemic, admitted that he ought to “have gotten more things in order before advertising it.” However, the musician insists that his endeavor, which has “the current [Senegalese] president’s co-sign,” is still in the works.

The R&B musician was asked to address investor worries about the legitimacy of utilizing a cryptocurrency in a region under the Central Bank of West African States during the interview (BCEAO)

According to the BBC article, the BCEAO has apparently declared crypto to be unlawful in addition to issuing warnings about its risks.

Akon pledged to have this “figured out by the time the city’s up, that’s for sure” when asked if the akoin cryptocurrency is still the preferred form of payment in the imagined metropolis.

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