Pick n Pay, a South African retailer, is now accepting Bitcoin payments across all of its locations.

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One of the biggest merchants in South Africa, Pick & Pay, apparently now takes bitcoin in all of its locations there. Customers of Pick n Pay can now purchase products including groceries, airtime, and electricity tokens via the bitcoin lightning network.

Using BTC for Everyday Purchases
The South African retailer Pick n Pay (PNP) apparently accepts bitcoin in its more than 1,500 stores nationwide, just a few months after it started doing so at a few chosen locations. Customers of PNP can now purchase food, airtime, and electricity via the bitcoin lightning network, according to reports.

The South African retail giant’s acceptance of bitcoin as a form of payment was made feasible by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority’s (FSCA) decision to classify cryptocurrency as a financial product, according to a report by Bitcoin.com News in November 2022. Prior to that, PNP claimed that in 2017, it had tested BTC payments at one of its staff canteens. Despite the fact that the studies were successful, the retailer claimed that employing the technology at the time did not appear to be cost-effective.

Crypto QR, a South African company that specialises in cryptocurrency payments, applauded PNP’s decision to allow citizens to use bitcoin for regular transactions in response to the announcement.

“Good news to all! All Pick-n-Pay locations in South Africa, including PnP express and clothes businesses, now accept cryptocurrency QR! Additionally, you may pay for your utility bills, airtime, electricity, bus, and plane tickets using Bitcoin at the register, according to a tweet from Crypto QR.

While this is going on, some Twitter users have praised PNP for taking a move that will aid in the adoption and promotion of bitcoin as a substitute payment mechanism. The first time Kelly Yanes, a user, “saw real usage of bitcoin in person at a public location and store,” she claimed.

However, a few other users were quick to highlight the disadvantages of using the crypto asset for everyday purchases.

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