Ontology Harbinger Interview Series


In the tenth interview in this series,3 Ontology speaks with Munaj Hossan, administrator of our Bengali community.

1. How did you hear about Ontology? What drew you to Ontology?

I first learned about Ontology from CoinMarketCap in 2019. At first, I didn’t do much research on it but later when I saw that its team members were developing the project very well, I began following Ontology more seriously.

2. What made you become a supporter of Ontology and a champion of its brand?

I noticed that Ontology had many local communities. I wanted to support Ontology and help grow the ecosystem so I created the Ontology Bengali Community.

3. What do you see as the key role of a Harbinger? What is your favorite thing about being a Harbinger?

In my opinion, a Harbinger’s main role is sharing news, helping community members, removing language barriers, and maintaining the community’s growth and activity.

My favorite thing is having direct and special access to the Ontology team.

4. Why is being part of the Ontology community important to you?

Ontology is one of the best blockchain platforms I’ve seen and has been on the market for over three years. Being part of the Ontology community is the best way for me to improve my skills.

5. How is Ontology’s community different from other blockchain communities, is there anything that makes it stand out?

Ontology has a total of 30+ local communities and 700K community members. Ontology has a Harbinger program, which is not available in other projects. Ontology imparts ideas to people before launching anything new, which we have seen in its Web3 and EVM series.

6. What do you use as your key channels for engagement with the Ontology community and why? Would you like to see any others?

I am most active on Telegram so I will choose Telegram as the key channel. I also use Twitter to interact with Ontology-related posts.

7. Can you share a memorable experience or something you’ve learned from being a Harbinger? What advice would you give to someone looking to become a Harbinger?

Since I am a new Harbinger, I have no memorable experiences. However, I understand that the Ontology team evaluates advice from Harbinger’s and helps implement new ideas. If you want to be a Harbinger, you can apply. Remember that if you work hard, you will succeed.

8. How would you describe the Ontology community in three words?

Active, helpful, awesome.

9. How do you think Ontology could expand its community going forward? What would you like to see more/less of? What kinds of things do you see community members do that you think help our community grow?

I think new events and campaigns can be held to help grow the community and impress existing community members. I would like to see more Harbingers and influencers in Ontology who can help grow the community.

10. What do you see as the key milestones for Ontology and how can the community help with achieving these?

ONT ID recently surpassed 1.5 million users and on Twitter, Ontology and ONTO Wallet passed 160k and 100k followers, respectively. I think community is the key to achieving these milestones. Hopefully, the community will continue supporting Ontology in the future as well.

To learn more about Ontology’s Harbinger Program and how you can get involved, check out our updated GUIDE.