Offering Whatsapp-based remittance services between Mexico and the US, Bitso partners with Felix Pago

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In order to enable Whatsapp-integrated remittances, Bitso, a cryptocurrency exchange with a focus on Latin America, has teamed with chat-based payments provider Felix Pagos.

Power to the Bits Whatsapp-Integrated Remittances by Felix Pagos

The usage of cryptocurrency for Whatsapp remittances is now made possible thanks to a partnership between Bitso and Felix Pagos, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Latin America with more than six million members.

Users of Felix Pagos will be able to transmit money without even realizing they are using cryptocurrency by using Whatsapp to send remittances.

Together with Félix Pago, we are showcasing how remittances can be sent quickly, cheaply, and easily as well as how cryptocurrencies may directly help individuals and resolve their day-to-day issues.

Given that Mexicans living in the US sent $5.36 billion to just in October, the Mexico-US remittance corridor is crucial for both businesses. Initially, only Mexicans can use the service, but Bitso and Felix Pagos hope to eventually make it available to residents of other Latam nations.

By using Bitso’s backend as a liquidity provider and bridge, the system enables Felix users to receive remittances in U.S. dollars as Mexican pesos in a bank account located in Mexico.

However, Bitso is not a newcomer to the remittance industry since the business also offers comparable services to its clients.

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