New partnership between Guess and Plan B to promote digital currency payments in Lugano, Switzerland

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Global fashion company Guess has announced that it will accept digital currency payments in some of its branches in the Swiss city of Lugano, thanks to its collaboration with “Plan B”, a joint initiative between Lugano city and Tether. This means that customers can now pay using Bitcoin, Tether, and LVGA, in addition to fiat currencies.

Guess is one of the major brands to join this move, where customers can purchase clothing and accessories using Bitcoin Lightning Network point-of-sale systems and the three digital currencies: Bitcoin, Tether, and LVGA. Additionally, a campaign has been announced for users paying with LVGA, which provides a 10% cash return. Transfer fees will also be waived for customers during the first months after activation.

This partnership represents a positive step in promoting the adoption and use of digital currencies, indicating an increasing interest from companies and institutions to use these currencies as a means of payment and exchange for goods and services.

This move is very important in encouraging users to transition to and adopt digital currencies in their daily lives, which could lead to an increase in the use of digital currencies and the evolution of the global economic system.

Moreover, adopting digital currencies can reduce reliance on fiat currencies that carry some security and health risks, and may lead to improved security and transparency in payment and exchange operations.

Therefore, collaboration between companies, institutions, and government entities in promoting the adoption of digital currencies is an important step in developing the global digital economy

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