New Digital Collectible Collections Art Gobblers and Keepers Propel NFT Sales 56% Higher This Week

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Non-fungible token (NFT) sales increased a great deal during the last seven days as NFT sales jumped 56.73% higher than sales recorded the week prior. Over the last seven days, out of 889,499 NFT transactions, NFT sales volume reached a total of $170.48 million this past week.

Art Gobblers and Keepers Collections Give NFT Sales a Push

NFT sales have risen during the last seven days as sales volume increased by more than 56% tapping $170.48 million this week. Sales stemmed from 18 different blockchain projects and Ethereum (ETH) captured $139.31 million of the aggregate. ETH-based NFT sales have increased by 95% week-over-week.

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Thanks to a few new projects that saw stand-out sales this past week like the NFT projects Art Gobblers and Keepers, NFT sales overall increased by 56.73% week-over-week.

While ETH-based NFT sales jumped by 95%, the second largest amount of sales stemmed from Panini-based NFT sales which increased by 74.27%. Ethereum and Panini were followed by Immutable X and Solana, respectively, in terms of week-over-week percentage increases. Polygon-based NFT sales dropped by 80.66%, however, and Cardano-based NFT sales slipped by 44.11%.

The top NFT collection this week, in terms of seven-day sales, was Art Gobblers as the collection accrued $51.78 million in total sales. Art Gobblers was followed by Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC) $9.45 million and the Keepers collection’s $8.57 million. While Art Gobblers was a stand-out collection this week in terms of sales, the collection Art Blocks jumped by more than 73% this week.

The most expensive NFT was sold four days ago as BAYC #5,979 sold for $339.75K. BAYC #2,764 came in second as it sold for $297.75K six days ago. Cryptopunk #6,869 sold less than 22 hours ago for $179K and BAYC #9,270 sold for $149.47K. Lastly, the fifth most expensive NFT sold this week, according to statistics, was BAYC #2,957 when it sold for $145.74K five days ago.


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