Nate Holiday claims that relying on centralized databases leaves dapps open to data tampering

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According to Nate Holiday, CEO of Space and Time, decentralized applications (dapps) are vulnerable to data manipulation since they “are generally built on top of centralized databases and services.”

The CEO also provided a list of data manipulation dangers that are exclusive to data warehouses, according to him.

The recent depletion of funds on the defi (decentralized finance) lending platform Lodestar Finance and Axie Infinity’s Ronin network attack before that, according to Nate Holiday, the CEO of decentralized data warehouse Space and Time, are key events that serve as a reminder to users that decentralized apps (dapps) are vulnerable to data tampering.

Holiday asserted that many of these applications “are essentially constructed on top of centralized databases and services,” despite the fact that he acknowledges that many dapps are powered by blockchain.

Holiday said dapps, just like centralized business organizations, might have a single point of failure, making them susceptible to attacks, in response to the most recent data tampering events.

Data tampering might occur, for instance, if a decentralized finance application uses a centralized database.

In the meantime, the CEO of Space and Time offered a list of data tampering concerns that are exclusive to data warehouses, including breaking into centralized database systems and obtaining unapproved access.

Holiday responded, “Decentralized architectures have no single point of failure, and blockchain anchoring assures that the data is secure and irreversible. This is why I support decentralized blockchain-anchored data solutions.

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