Mysterious Wallet Surges to Top 10 Bitcoin Holders, Gains 8,888 BTC in New Year’s Rally

    A mysterious Bitcoin wallet, potentially linked to Tether, has emerged as the tenth largest holder with an 8,888 BTC gain from Bitfinex. The wallet, known as “bc1qj,” raises questions about Tether’s involvement, sparking speculation in the crypto community.

    In a surprising turn of events, a Bitcoin wallet, possibly associated with Tether, has catapulted to the tenth position among Bitcoin holders. The wallet, labeled “bc1qj,” witnessed a substantial increase of 8,888 BTC, sourced from Bitfinex, as the year concluded. This propelled its total holdings to approximately 66,465.20 BTC, valued at nearly $3 billion.

    Previously identified as the 11th largest wallet in August 2023, suspicions arose regarding its connection to Tether. Cryptoquant had cast doubt on this association, but on December 31, 2023, the wallet received a noteworthy transfer of 8,888.88 BTC from Bitfinex, reigniting speculations.

    Surpassing the 11th largest holder, the wallet now holds more than 59,300 BTC. Analysts, including Wu Blockchain and The Data Nerd, highlighted the 8,888 BTC acquisition, attributing it to a whale, potentially linked to Tether, making a significant move.

    The Data Nerd’s post noted a purchase of 8,888 BTC for $379 million, emphasizing a strong appetite for Bitcoin. With unrealized profits surpassing a billion dollars and an average entry point around $25,000, this mysterious wallet adds an air of intrigue to the crypto landscape.

    Notably, Bitfinex, the source of the transfer, maintains the second-largest BTC wallet valued at close to $10 billion. However, the exact ownership of the mysterious wallet remains shrouded in secrecy, emphasizing the clandestine nature of large-scale Bitcoin holdings.

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