Mining Gold Rush: The Top PoW Algorithms Dominating 2024

    Explore the dynamic shifts in crypto mining profitability from 2022 to 2024. Kaspa's Kheavyhash leads the pack, reshaping the landscape. Discover the top algorithms, including the resurgence of Grin and the changing fortunes of once-dominant players.

    • Bitcoin’s Rise: From seventh to third, SHA256 emerges as a formidable mining algorithm.
    • Kaspa Takes the Lead: Kheavyhash algorithm propels kaspa (KAS) to the forefront of mining profitability.
    • Grin’s Surge: Cuckatoo32 algorithm gains momentum, surpassing Bitcoin’s SHA256 in earnings.

    Evolution of Mining Profitability (2022-2024):

    In just over a year, crypto mining landscapes have shifted significantly. Kadena, once the pinnacle in September 2022, now surrenders its position to kaspa’s Kheavyhash algorithm. The current leader, kaspa (KAS), with 9.2 TH/s, boasts a daily profit of $69, overshadowing Bitcoin’s SHA256.

    Profitable Algorithms in 2024:

    As of 2024, kaspa maintains its dominance, followed by Bitcoin’s SHA256 and the rising star, Grin’s Cuckatoo32. Ethash and Blake2B-Sia secure the next spots, presenting opportunities for ethereum classic (ETC) and siacoin (SC) miners. Notably, Scrypt’s decline marks a shift, once a leader in 2022, now relegated to the 12th spot.

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