Messi and Bitget Take on the World Cup 2022 to Reinvigorate Social Trading

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As Messi leads Argentina into the round of 16, the pivotal exchange broadens the team’s worldwide reach.

With a projected investment cost of $US 220 billion, or more than 15 times the amount spent, the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 will rank among the most expensive World Cups ever. From March 2021 to August 2022, sports-related marketing received over $2.4 billion in investments from blockchain and cryptocurrency startups, according to Bloomberg. By 2026, according to Nielsen, blockchain companies will have invested more than $5 billion in sports marketing. Leading cryptocurrency exchange Bitget is using the occasion to commemorate the historic event with a significant marketing campaign starring Messi. The campaign includes Messi’s personally signed BGB, the new brand film “Make it Count,” World Cup-themed events, and more.

Following the match between Argentina and Mexico in the World Cup’s opening round, Messi has now surpassed his previous best annual goal total and is tied with Maradona’s World Cup goal total. He is also leading the Argentina team in the Round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup thanks to his outstanding performance. Bitget started a new cycle of campaigns with the aim of once again pushing the envelope after being inspired by Messi’s World Cup mentality of pushing both himself and the team to new heights. The brand film has had more than 3.4 million views in just one month since the company announced their cooperation with the “A Perfect 10” campaign in October of this year. A new record is expected to be broken with the new campaign.

The goal of Bitget is to offer the finest social trading environment. Since June, the team has increased in size from 450 to 900, almost tripling over the crypto winter. In addition, the company has announced an expansion of the plan to 1200 personnel by Q1 2023. Like the football hero, the exchange emphasises growth and improvement no matter the circumstances.

With innovative products and social trading services as its major features, Bitget, founded in 2018, is a leading cryptocurrency exchange and is presently ranked in the top 5 globally as a crypto derivative exchange. It currently serves over 8 million customers in more than 100 countries across the world.

In regards to the collaboration with Bitget, Messi says:

“I want to thank Bitget for introducing me to the social trading community for cryptocurrencies with such a thrilling campaign. I admire Bitget’s “make it count” brand film notion of setting the direction and forging a fresh path within the business. Everyone should make responsible investments that are protected, and it is encouraging to see Bitget taking this seriously with a number of protective programs.

Bitget’s managing director, Gracy Chen, says:
The World Cup era is the greatest opportunity to remind us of the significance of preparing and practicing for the chance to shine. “Playing with the GOAT” inspires us to strive for the best performance. We want to recognize the cryptocurrency community’s love of football and are ready to keep funding the ecosystem even when things are difficult.

“As we can see, the Web3 trend has been expanding to many different industries. “We can see use cases where blockchain technology allows sports players to boost interaction with their community, such as NFTs, fan tokens, and metaverse events,” adds Gracy.

In order to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies, Bitget has been focusing on bridging the gap between web2 and web3 through sporting events. Investors’ adoption of cryptocurrencies has increased recently, yet there are still many questions and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) in the general public. We are forming partnerships with reputable sport/e-sport teams or players in Bitget in order to further increase adoption and improve public understanding of cryptocurrencies, such as the partnership with Juventus and, more recently, Lionel Messi, as well as esports powerhouse Team Spirit and providers of high-end international esports tournaments and events, PGL.

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