Mark Yusko from “Morgan Creek” says: No chance for governments to ban Bitcoin, and here’s why!

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Mark Yusko, the founder and CEO of “Morgan Creek”, believes that governments have no chance of banning Bitcoin.

Yusko sees Bitcoin as a useful and innovative technology, and believes that banning it would be futile and impossible to enforce. Additionally, he sees Bitcoin as a means of transferring money securely and quickly without the need for banks or traditional financial institutions.

It is important to understand that Bitcoin is not under the control of any government or central authority, which means that no government or financial institution can control or ban it.

In the end, Yusko believes that governments should focus on developing appropriate legislation to support innovative financial technology like Bitcoin, rather than trying to ban it. Proper legislation will help ensure consumer protection and encourage innovation in this field.

Overall, Mark Yusko believes that Bitcoin will remain present and thrive in the future, and that governments and financial institutions should adopt this technology and work to develop it rather than trying to ban it.

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