Marathon Digital Holdings Launches Landfill Methane-Powered Bitcoin Mining Pilot Project

    Marathon Digital Holdings partners with Nodal Power to initiate a landfill methane-based Bitcoin mining pilot project in Utah, potentially reducing methane emissions from landfills while profiting from carbon-negative mining.

    Marathon Digital Holdings has unveiled an innovative partnership with renewable energy developer Nodal Power to launch a groundbreaking pilot project. This initiative harnesses the power of landfill methane to mine Bitcoin, marking a significant step toward environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining.

    This collaborative project, located in Utah, is already operational at 280kW and promises to revolutionize the mining industry. It follows the release of a report co-authored by Marathon and Bitcoin Magazine Pro, titled “Cashing in on Trash: Bitcoin Mining Offers an Economical Solution to Mitigating Landfill Methane Emissions.” The report highlights the potential for profitable methane emission reduction from landfills and addresses the environmental and economic issues associated with venting methane into the atmosphere.

    Marathon’s Chief Growth Officer, Adam Swick, emphasized the alignment between environmental responsibility and profitability in Bitcoin mining. He encouraged landfill owners to consider how Bitcoin mining can enhance their site’s economics. Daniel Batten, Co-Founder of CH4 Capital, sees this initiative as a pioneering move toward carbon-negative Bitcoin mining. Charlie Schumacher, Marathon’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, underlined Bitcoin mining’s role in the energy sector and its potential to support sustainable energy infrastructure.

    This partnership signifies a forward-looking approach to reducing environmental impact while harnessing the power of cryptocurrency mining.

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