Manitoba stops new cryptocurrency mining initiatives because of anticipated high energy demand

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Authorities in Manitoba have temporarily stopped allowing new crypto mining operations to be connected to the electricity grid.

The Canadian province, which mainly relies on hydroelectric generating and draws miners with its affordable electricity prices, worries that there may be an excessive amount of demand for energy.

Manitoba halts new cryptocurrency mining operations due to potential increases in electricity consumption

The Canadian news claimed that the government of Manitoba is prohibiting new connections of cryptocurrency mining facilities to the hydroelectric grid of the province.

The government officer in charge of the state-owned business Manitoba Hydro in Manitoba, Cameron Friesen, explained the decision’s justification on Monday:

Friesen disclosed that 17 new operators had submitted proposals for a total of 370 megawatts of electricity to the provincial authorities.

Earlier last month, Hydro-Québec requested that the province’s authority over electricity distribution halt the provision of energy to the blockchain industry.

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