Ledger gets a valuation of $1.4 billion after securing $109 million in financing

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Ledger, a maker of hardware wallets, has raised $109 million in fundraising so far, and two more rounds are anticipated this year.

Ledger’s catchphrase, “Not your keys, not your coins,” has grown more well-known among its customers as the digital asset market struggles with regulatory ambiguity.

Ledger, the manufacturer of hardware wallets like the Nano S and Nano X, announced the successful completion of its Series C fundraising round on March 30. The $109 million raised will be used to enhance and increase the production of wallets.

Ledger’s valuation has increased to €1.3 billion ($1.418 billion) as a result of the funding. Given growing investor interest, the French hardware manufacturer is reportedly considering a second and third closure in April.

Ledger Wants to Expand Despite Uncertain Regulatory Environment
Ledger is still growing and protecting about 20% of the world’s bitcoin today, thriving despite the legislative uncertainty in the digital asset sector.

Ledger’s chairman and CEO, Pascal Gauthier, thanked the investors who had helped the business expand in a public statement and welcomed new investors who would back Ledger as it leads the “undeniable value and hardware revolution.”

Gauthier claims that the funds received would hasten the company’s goal of making its gear available to hundreds of millions of participants in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the help of this funding, a new generation of blockchain-based gadgets will be developed that are safe to use when managing digital assets and other products.

LEDGER SHOWN OUR FUNDING ROUND TODAY. I THANK OUR LONG-TERM INVESTORS FOR THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT AND WELCOME NEW INVESTORS WHO SUPPORT THE UNDENIABLE CURRENT REVOLUTION IN VALUE AND HARDWARE. This money will help us in our mission to give hundreds of millions of people secure consumer devices so they may explore important digital assets and blockchain-enabled technology.

Gauthier underlined that Ledger continues to be a “safe haven for clients,” especially during periods of volatility and regulatory uncertainty, which is demonstrated by the rise in demand for hardware wallet hardware.

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